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He’s sexy for a chubs c’mon. Look at dem legs.

He’s seven months old today!

Is it really that weird that I call chubs my little sexy? :( I’m not a pedo. He’s my son! He’s adorable and cute! I’ve been calling him that for months especially since he likes hanging around in his diaper and nothing else. Blah.

I feel like I’m losing him. And I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared. I’m a piece of shit, I get it, I deserve to be unhappy. But I don’t want to lose him.

I just want a hug.

Hello! I don't know how old your post was that you put up on sixpenceee but it was very intriguing to see how your deep connection with your twin gave you that dream and that feeling in your back. You've probably heard of this before, but it's called stigmatic twins. My friend's dad had a twin and when her dad died, her uncle stopped the car on their way to the hospital and pulled over to cry. When she asked why, he said, "He's gone." And when they got to the hospital, he was right.

Oh shit that’s super creepy.

I can’t even look at myself without breaking down. I’m such a fucking failure. No matter what I do, it’s not right. My son deserves so much more than me, but I kept him because of what? Because I was lonely? Scared? Sometimes I wish I had given him up for adoption because then maybe they would have been able to give him more.

He’s pooping right now.
Now I know why I kept him.
It’s because I love him.

Truth is, I stopped being a person a long time ago.

Sorry I’m not active. I’d rather spend the whole day sleeping than let you guys know what the hell I’m going through right now. I just need a fucking break, I need to breathe. I want to disappear so badly.. It’s never been this bad before. But I can’t. I’ve got Emi. And he needs me here, but I’m failing him.

Pthbthbththth. #thechubs #babyboy #baby #raspberries #funny

I love these two so much!!:) #babyboy #thechubs #daddychubs

If my mom is the reason I lose this man, I will never forgive her.

So I’m not dead. Just inactive as fuck. I’m back though. I’ve had a rough month.

First trip to the aquarium with my baby boy and best friend, Jasmine. We had a great time! #aquariumofthepacific #aquarium #fishes #shark #thebaby #thechubs

Baby’s first video game with Tio Chubs: Resident Evil 4. #my babyiscoolerthanyours #videogames #thebaby #thechubs #tiochubs #family

Six months with my two fatties! Chubs is now six months old and today is officially my six month anniversary with Bubbas! I love you both :) #fatherandson #thebaby #thechubs #babyboy #baby #sixmonths #trueloveexceptnotreally #truelove #daddychubs