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Six months with my two fatties! Chubs is now six months old and today is officially my six month anniversary with Bubbas! I love you both :) #fatherandson #thebaby #thechubs #babyboy #baby #sixmonths #trueloveexceptnotreally #truelove #daddychubs

Baby babbles! #sixmonths #thebaby #thechubs #baby #babyboy

In the last ten days, I lost a home, my sanity, and almost my boyfriend. All because my mom treats me like shit. She’s prohibited justin from coming over, and I have no way of talking to him. If he does show up, she will call the cops. Every day, I have to put up with psychological abuse that leaves me drained and crying every night.

I asked a really good friend if I could stay at her house, and her parents said it was fine. But I feel so bad asking, that I may just not go at all. I may just duke it out. But at the rate it’s going, it may cost me my relationship, and my happiness.

Update about my dad.. The cancer is in his lungs after all. His insurance wants him to do a copayment of 2.8 k a month. Which is money he doesn’t have.

I feel like I’m being sucked into a dark hole and i can’t get out. Everything is going wrong.

Happy 21st birthday to me. At least I can drink now. I may just have to get wasted tomorrow.

Look at this swagster! #thuglife #swag #padresfan #thechubs #thebaby #babyboy #baby

Emi loved this strawberry! He tore it to shreds #baby #babyboy #thebaby #thechubs #sofat #strawberry #strawberries #fatbaby

He told me to search for a fruit that supposedly has anti carcinogenic properties
I’ve been to countless stores and I haven’t found it
Online, it’s 40 bucks a pounds
If anyone sees chirimoya, guanabana, graviola, or soursop, let me know
It has many names
I can’t order it, it’s too expensive
But maybe, just maybe I can find it here.

I'm sorry about the news you just received about your father. It's a difficult situation to go through, and words cannot make it better.I wish you the best in all this. I don't want to sound insensitive, and I apologize if it does, but could you tag posts about it with a death or cancer tw? It causes panic attacks/anxiety in me to read about it ):""

Then unfollow me because right now I could give less than a shit about your panic attacks. Sorry.

Please don’t tell me it’ll get better or to cheer up
Don’t even talk to me about it
I don’t want to talk to anyone

My dad has terminal cancer.
Treatable. It’s borrowed time.
He said a year. Maybe less. Maybe more.
He may not see me graduate.
He may not see Emi walk.
He wants me to marry. Before it happens.
He says no, it’s too soon.
I don’t know what to do.

Five faces of Emi! #babyboy #baby #thechubs #thebaby #sofat #fivemonths

Bonus pic! #wearesolame #trueloveexceptnotreally #daddychubs

Five months with these two cuties! Chubs turned five months old yesterday, tipping the scales at 18 pounds, 27 inches tall. He’s a big baby, defiantly breaking the stereotypes that all Mexicans are tiny. He’s a very healthy boy and I’m extremely grateful for it.

And today is my (official) 5 month anniversary with my fatty, Justin. He’s been a great dad to Emi, and a wonderful boyfriend. We went on a date today and it was utterly amazing :)

These are the two most important men in my life ❤️❤️❤️

#mylittlefamily #fatherandson #babyboy #thechubs #thebaby #daddychubs #fivemonths

I look weird but happy graduation Ivy!!!:) so proud of you! #cosplayfamily

Eeeyyyyy sexy lady! #thechubs #thebaby #ari #cosplayfamily #purplehair

Baby on the move! Destination? Bolivia! #bolivia #baby #babyboy #cuties #thechubs #thebaby